Brazilian model Rodrigo Braga by Domenico Cennamo

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Brazilian model Rodrigo Braga from Independent Men Milano and Elian Gallardo for Forget Them.

Photographer Domenico Cennamo, Fashion editor Luca Stefanelli Name: Rodrigo Braga. Agency:IndependentMen Milano. Age: 22. Height: 188 cm. Place of origin: Brazil.

Star sign: Leo. How were you discovered? I was in the army when my agent from Brasil told me that I could have a chance to work in fashion field as a model… Favourite model: Marlon Teixeira, Diego Miguel. Favourite food: Chinese food and Brazilian of course! Other occupation (instead of modeling): I studied graphics and advertising. Are you single? Only when I am having a shower. Your favourite part of your body? My nose.

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  1. beautiful with/black shots, compliments

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