SOPOPULAR Fall/Winter 2013

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Daniel Bamdad at Success and Norman Theuerkorn at Izaio shot by Sabrina Theissen and styled by Kathi Kauderfor the Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook of SOPOPULAR.

The concept behind SOPOPULAR is, on a continuous basis and regardless of periodic cycles in the fashion world, to design, keep up to date, and adapt in a contemporary way a basic collection for men. In addition this will sporadically be complemented with limited editions and accessories.

The collections consists of classic cuts with a slender silhouette. The reduced, pragmatic style is highlighted by the high-class tailoring of sophisticated materials only to be interrupted by edgy streetwear elements.

A straightforward linear language and uncomplicated casualness in conjunction with expressive, high-end fabrics, as well as futuristic design details produce an overall uniformed, rough look.

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