Jan iú Més Fall/Winter 2013

Jan iú Més presented their Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection for Punto Blanco at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The “in&out” line is a proposal somewhere between homewear and streetwear, prioritizing comfort, relaxation and calm without ever sacrificing character or personality.JanIuMes_fw13_1 JanIuMes_fw13_2 JanIuMes_fw13_3 JanIuMes_fw13_4 JanIuMes_fw13_5 JanIuMes_fw13_6 JanIuMes_fw13_7 JanIuMes_fw13_8 JanIuMes_fw13_9 JanIuMes_fw13_10 JanIuMes_fw13_11 JanIuMes_fw13_12 JanIuMes_fw13_13 JanIuMes_fw13_14 JanIuMes_fw13_15 JanIuMes_fw13_16 JanIuMes_fw13_17 JanIuMes_fw13_18 JanIuMes_fw13_19 JanIuMes_fw13_20 JanIuMes_fw13_21 JanIuMes_fw13_22 JanIuMes_fw13_23 JanIuMes_fw13_24 JanIuMes_fw13_25 JanIuMes_fw13_26 JanIuMes_fw13_27 JanIuMes_fw13_28

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