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Duckie Brown Fall/Winter 2016 New York

“Can you wear a puffer jacket under a suit? Do you have to show 84 looks?”

Steven Cox was asking the important questions today at the—frankly awesome—six-look presentation for Duckie Brown, the menswear label he runs with partner Daniel Silver that has consistently been a gender-dissolving example of advanced New York fashion.

Androgyne Denim fashion men's fashion Paris Fashion Week Runways

Juun.J Spring/Summer 2016 Paris

Every season, Juun J defines a focal point around which to revolve. In “Middy,” it was less about the denim that he announced than it was about exploring other thinning menisci: sportswear and tailoring; volumes and planes; gender bifurcation. The androgynous blond pixie cut pointed to the latter, and highlighted an evolution in his superlative masculine ideals.