Jordan Farris by Ethan James

SONY DSC Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-02 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-03 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-04 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-05 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-06 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-07 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-08 Jordan-Farris-by-Photographer-Ethan-James-09Very handsome American fresh face, Jordan Farris, stops by Ethan James’s studio for thissplendid session.

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  1. I love how shadows and light play along his gorgeous body it makes him come to life!

  2. Handsome guy. I love the yellow pants.

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