Seth Kuhlmann & Dennis Johnson in “Mickey Muse” For ADON Magazine

Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-14 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-1 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-2 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-3 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-4 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-5 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-6 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-7 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-8 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-9 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-10 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-11 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-12 Mickey-Muse-ADON-Magazine-issue-2-RickDay-13

Here is the full fashion story for ADON Magazine issue 2 dedicated to our big muse, The one and only Mickey Mouse! Credits: Photographer: RICK DAY Production & Styling: Roy Fire & Tal Peer Grooming: Young Bek Illustration: Yinglish Models: Seth Kuhlmann @ Soul Artist Management and Dennis JohnsonNew York Model Management and Mickey Mouse @Disney Get your Adon printed issue at: www.adonmagazine.com

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