Men’s Jeans – What are the best fit for you?

Men’s Jeans – What are the best fit for you?
Since I’ve decided to change all my wardrobe (better said, I decided replace) I started with the purchase of new jeans. The funny thing about this is I struggled to find jeans that really fit me.
Bassically, I went to around 5 different stores for Men’s Jeans, and scored my point of view on the models are suitable for you and which may be within the reach of your pocket. And of course it depends what kind of jeans you’re looking for. And I recommend that the search be by yourself. It’s only you and stores for  Men’s Jeans.

No, ‘fits’ does not mean when you try on your first pair of jeans and they fit, you should buy them. Fit describes the multiple types of jeans there are on the market – wide leg, boot-cut etc.

There are four different types of fits: boot cut (close fit with a slight flare towards the bottom),relaxed or wide fit (loose-fitting from waist to bottom), slim fit (tapered but not form fitting), and straight cut (neither tapered nor excessively loose).

Unfortunately, not every fit will look flattering on you, and it’s more of a “knowing what your body type is” rather than trial and error.

Rises .- 

There are three basic rises when it comes to men’s jeans – low rise, mid rise and high rise. The most commonly worn rise would be the mid rise jean, resting right around your belly button.

From there, you can pretty much figure out that low rise jeans fall below the belly button and high rise jeans are above.

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Body Type.-

The first thing you need to understand about buying the best jeans for your body is understanding what your body type is. Short, tall, skinny or heavy-set, there’s a pair of jeans just waiting to be discovered by you.

  • Athletic .- Muscular builds look best in a wider leg, drawing attention to a toned body. Avoid slimmer jeans as they can make your hard-earned muscles appear bulky. Smaller and wider set pockets can also help to show off that derriere you’ve worked so hard on.
  • Slender .- Avoid jeans that are too tight and too loose on your body – you don’t want to look like you’re swimming in your jeans or draw more attention to your skinny legs. Choose a straight or boot-cut jean with a low rise that will flatter your figure.
  • Tall and Lean .- You lucky mug – almost any fit will flatter your body type, so be happy that you’ve been blessed in the genetics department. Straight and boot cut jeans will show off your body, whereas if you’re going for a more casual look, the wide leg jean is the perfect alternative for you.
  • Heavy set .- Avoid boot cut and straight cut jeans, as the flare will just make you appear heavier. Instead, opt for a wide-leg jean. Larger and deeper pockets that are closer together are a great choice for those that fall into this category, as these pockets can make your butt look smaller.

Thing to Avoid.-

Avoid jeans that look like they’ve gone through the shredder several times – holes and frays were probably cool when you were 16, but it’s time to leave the past in the past.

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Finally, just buy jeans. Avoid the cool, boy-scout patches and multiple unnecessary zippers scattered all over your jeans.

You want to be taken seriously don’t you? That’s what we thought.

So, there you go now that you know which is the best fit you, get to store for Men’s Jeans and buy it.
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