Álvaro Bonafont by Adolfo López

Álvaro Bonafont16 Álvaro Bonafont Álvaro Bonafont2 Álvaro Bonafont3 Álvaro Bonafont4 Álvaro Bonafont5 Álvaro Bonafont6 Álvaro Bonafont7 Álvaro Bonafont8 Álvaro Bonafont9 Álvaro Bonafont10 Álvaro Bonafont11 Álvaro Bonafont12 Álvaro Bonafont13 Álvaro Bonafont14 Álvaro Bonafont15

All this 2 past weeks I’ve been obssesive with Spanish photographer Adolfo López, well I can’t denied he has a great clever eye-captured. Once again, Adolfo is capturing EP Model Spanish beauty Álvaro Bonafont from Valencia, Spain, in this great portfolio. Take a look and deffinetly it will be more about Adolfo’s book.


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  1. excellent, compliment for this nr.1 from are model

  2. Beautiful series of photos! Thanks for sharing.

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