Introducing Paulo Haddad by DIDIO

Paulo HaddadIMG_2237_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1372_1300x894 Paulo HaddadIMG_1429b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1439b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1538b_1300x843 Paulo HaddadIMG_1694_930x1300 Paulo HaddadIMG_1738_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1785_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1919_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1943b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_1991b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2020b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2024b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2059_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2140b_954x1300 Paulo HaddadIMG_2163_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2198b_823x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2200b_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2210_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2215_867x1301 Paulo HaddadIMG_2230_867x1301

Introducing Brazilian stud Paulinho Haddad, we can call him Paulo, he’s from Campinas, SP- Brazil. Professional Brazilian photographer Didio did another great portfolio for Paulo. Take a look and like.


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  1. excellent model, compliments, he is perfect

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