Renato & James

Renato-Ferreira-2 Renato-Ferreira-3 Renato-Ferreira-and-James-Goodfellow

James-Goodfellow James-Goodfellow-2 James-Goodfellow-3

Stunning guys Renato Freitas and James Goodfellow. The photographer is Lon Liwen, taken from Archnoble.

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  1. Tom Samson

    In the above, Renato Ferreira is not in this shoot. The guy playing the guitar and wearing the pink/white shorts is, in fact, Renato Freitas. The photographer is Lon Liwen who mislabels Ferreira on his very own FB. It is commonly mislabeled all over the web. All of us Ferreira diehards know better. I tweet Ferreira pics and his army had a fit when I tweeted the above lifted off your page (trust me, this mistake is everywhere). Check into it for yourself. I do wonder if lately this is why Renato Ferreira has added a last name of “Pires” to his FB acct.

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