INTRODUCING: Tion Watkins by Seth London

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Introducing fresh face Tion Watkins he’s from Forest City, North California, he’s 24 yo. And he gets a great portfolio photographed by Seth London. We got to keep an eye on him. We should know more about him:

I got started in modeling at the age of 18yrs old when I move from NC to NYC and I was playing basketball on West 4th St. and people kept telling me I shud model. My eyes is my best physical feature as well as cheek bone. I’m draw inspiration from within myself and what I’m feeling or putting myself in a mood to give off it is to express myself. What I love most about modeling is there always room to grow and create, its like your own form of art of self. My personality, Im very laid back but also very silly. I have a balance about myself. I just believe its a time and place for everything. So, my personality is base off my surrounding in a way. I’m from Forest City, North Carolina. My goal as a model is to evolve and do what they say is the impossible or something that never been done in modeling. I’m 24yrs old. African American. -Tion Watkins.

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