HEAT WAVE | Tobias Sørensen by A.P. Kim

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A Magnificent Summer–Heading to Tulum, in the breathtaking Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, VNY model Tobias Sørensen spends few moments of relaxation under a warm sun for the editorial that accompanies his stunning Essential Homme cover. Captured by A.P. Kim’s lens, Tobias enjoys a restful holiday in a luxury resort, wearing the perfect summer wardrobe, assembled by stylist Terry Lu. Dressed in Salvatore Ferragamo’s luxury sweaters, Emporio Armani’s see-through jumpers or sporting Versace’s graphic speedos and Hermès’ checked swim shorts, Tobias unveils his toned body in a series of daytime looks, that combine style and comfort, while the more refined suggestions, play with classic cuts and proportions, but embellished with rich colors, abstract motifs and graphic patterns, without forgetting a playful holiday vibe. / Styling assistance by Lisa O’Connor. Grooming by Jen Brent.

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