DeAngelo O Scales X Seth London

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Introducing male model DeAngelo O Scales, captured by Photographer Seth London. Styling by Sequine Lee. DeAngelo is a cool down earth guy, with 22 yo, we gotta know him much better in this interview that Seth London shared with us:

-How did you get your start? I didn’t start thinking  about modeling until my sophomore year in college. One day as I was leaving cross country practice this guy  namef Tim who owned a salon behind my campus ask me who cut my hair, and if I was interested in a free hair cut. Being a College student free was all he had to say! As Tim  was cutting my hair he mentioned he was planning a fashion show and I had the look he needed for his show. Long story short I walked in his show and fell in love with every moment.

-Where do you draw your inspiration from during a shoot ? I am very competitive so my inspiration mostly comes from wanting to out do my last shoot. I also have to say the mood of the shoot plays a lot in how well the shoot goes. If there is a lot of energy being given between the photographer and myself that’s a major boost in wanting to shoot to the best of my ability.

Where are you From? I was born. In Millington Tennessee, however I was raised in Williamsburg Va.

-My favorite feature on me?  Legs only because I love to run though. When I’m tired its a struggle to lift these bad boys.

-Favorite part about modeling. To be honest, eating and traveling makes modeling everything!  I am a big person at heart, so I really be getting excited when I get to try new foods and see new sights. or get a show where I can do the same.

-Goals as model, I seen Beyonce on the side of a bus the other day and thought how could would that be! So I’m working on getting my mug in somebody’s ad. campaign. A long term goal, I’m trying to get on Food Network, and travel around like Adam from “Man vs Food”. So I will be using my connections I gain

-Age 22? I just turned 22 in the beginning of February. Moving to Ny was my birthday present to myself.

-Personality! I’ve been called a charmer, a comedian, and a bit annoying at times due to my excessive talking. Which only happens when I am really passion.ate about the topic. I just think I enjoy others and try to make their time around me just as enjoyable.

-I struggled through school as the case with most easily distracted students, and had a behavior problem. It was not until I started running track that I really started to take life in my hand and start creating a future for myself. State champion in the 55 hurdles and all state athlete in every other event I competed in I had run myself into college. I went to Saint Augustine’s college, which is now Saint Augustine’s University, for about a year and a half  trying to get a degree in elementary education. Everything was going well in my school life. Grades where better than they ever had been, and I was even the president of the Education department, but I let life outside of school distract me. I left Saint Aug in the middle of my sophomore year, and begin coaching high school back home. I loved it first of all I was and still am passionate about track, and then being freshly out of high school it was also a great chance to compete against other coaches I use to see talk to throughout my own career as a runner. I coached track for three seasons of indoor and outdoor, until I was invited to come move to Ny. I have only been here for three months but I already considerate it home.

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  2. he’s so handsome. And a an all-around good guy!

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