I know that my day finally come with this Exclusive Interview with male model Piotr Kopertowski, this has been a tough day but I’ll bring this Exclusive only for you guys, now’s time to get to know this sexy hunk which I consider so much lucky to get this little chat.


And also, presenting this Exclusive editorial entitled “Let’s Dance” by photographer Armando Branco from Zurich, and assisted by Jeroen Schults.

– Thank you so much Piotr for this Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male, we are so happy that you are the NEW FACE this time, so tell us about How did you get into modeling?
First what I did to get into modeling I started practicing in the gym. My body was different not like what it is now. You could see the ribs, I was very skinny. After a few months, now years, my body looks good so it was the first key to this would be a model.

I started the session with photographers who just want to expand your portfolio and enrich me. Of course, the first sessions were free. Then I started to send their photos to the agencies models. The answers were different from those as I do not look like a model, and ending with those which offered me a plastic surgery.
Currently, promotes myself as a model. I take part in various competitions, show up on blogs. This is all my work without modeling agency.

Now i was on a BeautifulMAG cover (http://www.beautifulmag.com/beautiful/2012/12/beautifulmag-cover-story-dancing-with-piotr.html), and I travel a lot. I won one time competition from Australia… and I’m happy cuz I did everything about myself.

Piotr Kopertowski2

– What do you enjoy the most about it?

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What I like most …
greatest pleasure is when I stand in front of the camera. Then I see the result of my work and for that I think I am most pleased.

-Let’s talk about photoshoots… How do you prepare for them?

First regular workouts at the gym. Second, always before the shoot have a decent night’s sleep. Thirdly, when you have to be in front of the camera doing a few push-ups, some exercises to highlight the muscles. I know Photoshop does wonders with people. I also spend a lot of hours in Photoshop and other programs because I deal with graphics. But the training is very important!


-You have a great physique, apart are you playing some sports? How do you keep in shape and healthy?

If going to the gym can be called a sport I have one hahaha. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer TRX. Always somewhere to find time for fitness classes, I do not like static classes such as yoga, it’s too boring for me. I have to sweat, jump a little to the music.
I also think what I eat. Not to say that I do not eat bad things but I limit them to a minimum. More than once I have a craving for pizza. I do not count calories, it is good for bodybuilders, I’m not. I drink a lot of water, green tea, yoghurt. I love salads.
Piotr Kopertowski4

-Since you mentioned the gym… what are your top three favorite exercises and why?

First the chest! I love to exercise on the part of the body. I do not know why I like it … maybe because I practice it as soon as I see the result of my training, I’ve always wanted to have a large chest.

Another is the triceps. big hand just looks cool. This little curiosity for people who want to grow in your hands faster. Exercise your triceps more because it is bigger than the biceps. 60-70% of the volume of your arm is the triceps.

And the last is probably the back, the guys in the V-shaped broad shoulders look cool, but also protect the spine. Stabilize your body and are important for a multitude of activities in daily life.

Piotr Kopertowski5

-And what’s your best cardio routine?

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I practice with my set of TRX, and sometimes jogging or walking on the stepper.

– Now how do you keep motivated to keep training?

It was a funny story because I had come to the gym about three times. You know sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s cold, sometimes you just do not want to go to gym. but every time so I thought I imagined that my body decreases. And my training will go to waste. Now I have no exit, gym to the end of life hahaha

Piotrl by JP Harrow 7 Piotrl by JP Harrow 8

Piotr by JP Harrow

-How do you feel being the New Face for Fashionably Male?

I’m a little excited and curious about how people will react when also read my interview. Maybe someone will mobilize to work with body.
af2d2dce-f7e2-4965-bd57-7278e247358c_FULLSCREEN IMG_8139

-Any last words of our readers and viewers and your fans?

Do not give up, even if someone throws you the building blocks under your feet. beginnings are always difficult but you can not imagine what is fun when you see the result of your work. Show them that you can!

Thank you so much Piotr for such a nice words and also to know you a little better, also we mention that we admire you so much and hope next time you’ll be here with another set of sexiness snaps like you should give.

We also mention that Piotr is an International Model, performance Dancer, Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor based in London and also a Graphic Designer.


Photography: Armando Branco www.armandobranco.com/

Photographers: JP Harrow, Michael Bayd, Dylan Rosser

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Model: Piotr Kopertowski

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