Twins Luis and Lucas Coppini in ‘Revista Junior’

Twins-Luis-and-Lucas-Coppini-in-Revista-Junior-Issue-51-01 Twins-Luis-and-Lucas-Coppini-in-Revista-Junior-Issue-51-02 Twins-Luis-and-Lucas-Coppini-in-Revista-Junior-Issue-51-03 Twins-Luis-and-Lucas-Coppini-in-Revista-Junior-Issue-51-04 Twins-Luis-and-Lucas-Coppini-in-Revista-Junior-Issue-51-05 Twins-Luis-and-Lucas-Coppini-in-Revista-Junior-Issue-51-06

Gorgeous twins Luis and Lucas Coppini take to the seaside for this excellent editorial for Revista Junior N°51, marvelously shot by Du Borsatto.

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  1. I’m guessing nudity is not allowed, though that is the way I’d like them to be dressed: showing full frontal nudity, of course.

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