Jefferson Vieira by Henrique Cesar Faria

Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_01 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_02 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_03 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_04 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_05 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_06 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_07 Ensaio_JeffersonVieira_phHenriqueCesarFaria_08

Brazilian model Jefferson Vieira [NINE] in rehearsal photographed by Cesar Henrique Faria, with design and production of Moacir Junior and parts of the acquis Elus and producer.

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