The Black Angels: The Full Black and White

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Exuberant and original black and white photography  entitled story The Black Angels, The Full Black and White. All crew was organized and Produced by Raftopoulos Argiris and George Louvaris who captured male models Lazaros Lary and Chris Stav. Enjoy  this exotic new photography from Greece to the world.
Organized and Prodused by: Raftopoulos Argiris & George Louvaris
Hair & clothes styling : Raftopoulos Argiris
Hair assistants : Hana id saboun|Georgia Badoyianni
Make up: Martha Oikonomou
Models : Lazaros Lary & Chris Stav
Clothes: Celebrity Skin
Photo/Edit:George Louvaris|www.glphotography.gr 
Raftopoulos Argiris : www.hair2dare.gr

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