Eliad Cohen in ‘H’ Magazine

Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-01 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-02 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-03 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-04 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-05 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-06 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-07 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-08 Eliad-Cohen-in-H-Magazine-09

Sexy Israeli soldier turned model Eliad Cohen heats up the latest issue of ‘H’ magazine, marvelously captured by Gabriel C. Lucas.

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  1. Eliad is a super cutie. Wow. Hott. I wish he did full frontal nudity, but even so I’ll bet there’s a GREAT deal to admire. I’ve never had an Israeli guy but I’d like to have him.

  2. love Eliad !!!!!

  3. Eliad Cohen is my IDOOL

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