Vladimir Ivanov for Lucky Brand’s


xvi_lb001.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.vVKKdBrlhp xvi_lb002.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.rwMKizWoEt xvi_lb003.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.n2qVhYR4OX xvi_lb004.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.hk4hrSLeHE xvi_lb005.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.V0KXLFcvjp xvi_lb006.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.xVVCaCpqML xvi_lb007.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.c_66oqYI4u xvi_lb008.jpeg,qresize=580,P2C733.pagespeed.ic.gm9inzbECaAfter starring in Lucky Brand’s newly released fall advertisements, model Vladimir Ivanov reunites with the denim label to unveil their latest offering, which includes casual garments, that pay tribute to a classic American sense of style. Decked out in striped v-necks, washed jeans, short-sleeved shirts and classic tees, the blond model encourages us to find our favorite styles.

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  1. Definitely sexy. Wish he was nude. Cute.

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