Rockabilly Blues by Sean P. Watters

20130706-063750 p.m..jpg

20130706-063754 p.m..jpg

20130706-063759 p.m..jpg

20130706-063803 p.m..jpg

20130706-063808 p.m..jpg

20130706-063817 p.m..jpg

20130706-063822 p.m..jpg

20130706-063827 p.m..jpg

20130706-063832 p.m..jpg

20130706-063840 p.m..jpg

20130706-063845 p.m..jpg

20130706-063849 p.m..jpg

20130706-063853 p.m..jpg

20130706-063901 p.m..jpg

20130706-063905 p.m..jpg

20130706-063949 p.m..jpg

Available editorial on Fantastics Mag. Photographer Sean P. Watters lensed through denim, guitar, cigarets and NYC nights cowboy male model Reid Watson from Red models. This is awesome congrats both of you guys.

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