Rogue and Revolver Spring/Summer 2013

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Rogue & Revolver has released a nine piece collection of menʼs swimwear for S/S 2013.
The collection boasts 6 prints and 3 solid colours in Rogue & Revolverʼs originally tailored ʻEuro-cutʼ, inspired by the clean and crisp style of 1960ʼs surf shorts. The swimwear industry is consumed with a notion of overpriced and under-styled swimshorts. Rogue & Revolver looks to alter this with their colourful, playful and striking shorts.
Available at £30-£35, exclusively through their website(www.rogueandrevolver.com),
Rogue & Revolverʼs trunks are as accessible as they are desirable. The trunks are composed of quick drying polyester and are housed in matching printed carry cases.
These shorts are the affordable luxury for everyone under the sun, representing what the fun loving beach goer should wear.

Thanks to Andreas H, Director of Rogue and Revolver.

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