Alex Misnky by Justin Monroe for Beautiful Mag

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Alex Minsky wanted adventure and he sure got it. After he joined the Marines he was sent to combat in Afghanistan. While on a midnight patrol there, Alex Minsky’s truck was hit by a homemade bomb. Alex was severely injured and soon realized that this was the beginning of his biggest adventure so far. Alex lost his leg and was told he would never be able to rejoin his men on the battlefield. Crushed by what happened to him Alex searched for comfort, which he found in alcohol. It went from bad to worse until events made him realize that he was on a self destructive path, and that wasn’t the adventure he had set out for. And so Alex fought and found the strength to come back.

Now, 24 yeas old, Alex Minsky is one of today’s most sought after male models. Martin Ryter, Michael Stokes, Eric Schwabel, Tom Cullis. They are some of the renowned photographers who already worked with the young veteran. And many are still lining up. Alex has learned to be positive and has come to realize his adventures have not ended yet. And that is how he arrived recently in the studio of Justin Monroe.

This an outrageous and genial photography by Justin Monroe, which I’m a huge fan of his work, starring male model Alex Misnky. All exclusive for Beautifulmag.



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  1. Alex is sooooo handsome. Nice body. Fabulous ass. It is not in the least bit obvious he is missing a leg. Would I suck his dick? Sure I would.

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