Ricardo Baldin by Johnny Lopera Part.II

Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-01 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-02 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-03 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-04 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-05 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-06 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-07 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-08 Ricardo-Baldin-by-Photographer-Johnny-Lopera-09

Brazilian model Ricardo Baldin by artist and photographer Johnny Lopera. Johnny rised and born at Medellin, he’s now based in Mexico City work for several fashion magazines and editorials, has a very cool and original ideas. This is the second part.

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