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EXCLUSIVE: #sexy Juliano Oliveira by Sergio Baia

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Beautiful location where this was shot at Pedra de Itapuca, Niteroi at Rio de Janeiro, where Sergio Baia captured a beautiful but enigmatic and sexy Brazilian model named Juliano Oliveira and he wears a sexy sunga from Carioca Wear and DellRio. One of the sexiest shots I’ve ever seen, where the set plays his natural splendor and Juliano is showing his ‘rico corpo’ at the shore.


4 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: #sexy Juliano Oliveira by Sergio Baia

  1. I was going to say I’ll buy whatever he’s selling and I like the Carioca wear, Damn he’s the perfect model for them. Unbelieveable man, he’s just perfect. The Photography the best bar none, I only wish they were larger and more full body shots…i know every shot can’t be fullbody but, it’s nice not to cut their legs and feet off, lol Juliano way to much slippery sexy going on…love love..

  2. Reblogged this on dannyboi2 and commented:
    AMAZING BEAUTY AND the Cariocawear is too sexy for his shirt… Thank YOU Carioca… His eyes are mesmerizing , GORGEOUS!

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