Bernardo Velasco by Sergio Baia

Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_01 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_02 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_03 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_04 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_05 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_06 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_07 Ensaio_BernardoVelasco_phSergioBaia_08

The actor and model Bernardo Velasco photographed by Sergio Baia in Rio de Janeiro. Bernard will join the cast of the upcoming novel Rede Record, “Mortal Sin“. He interprets Romeo, Silvia’s boyfriend, a woman naive and virgin played by Lua Blanco. The author’s debut in Carlos Lombardi station, the plot is set in 1970 and will be about of the rise of slums, drug use and power disputes between dealers and bookies in Rio de Janeiro.

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