1012253_673764682652663_730223470_n 1081026_417933774981762_1421916814_n 9550050669_ffdd1381f1_z 9550073879_beef62844e_z 9550121731_ffdb43c066_z 9550146429_c8645c4810_z 9550168501_7210bfb1ef_z 9550172153_90da55dc20_z 9552887614_610de49b39_z 9552982352_2252baefdd_z 9552993482_4acbc90fc5_zBAL MASQUÉ IV

Fourth version of Bal Masque test in which the model and actor Eder Borges (Oca Models) and model John Paul Moraes (Elian Gallardo) are presented using various masks and stretch pants as if a costume ball. Photography Will Mendonça. Design and production Petrone. Beauty by Jessica Ferraz. Costume: socks shoes brand Lupo and masks Store A Touch of Fantasy. Abandoned warehouse lease at USP, São Paulo.

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