Power & Control

Landon Drean Photographytumblr_mrvtur2eFn1sxffxio1_1280 Landon Drean Photographytumblr_mrvtur2eFn1sxffxio2_1280 Landon Drean Photographytumblr_mrvtur2eFn1sxffxio3_1280 Landon Drean Photographytumblr_mrvtur2eFn1sxffxio4_1280 Landon Drean Photographytumblr_mrvtur2eFn1sxffxio5_1280 Landon Drean Photographytumblr_mrvtur2eFn1sxffxio6_1280

Power, and control. 
Give a little, get a lot, 
That’s just how you are with love. 
Give a little, get a lot, 
Yeah you may be good looking, 
But you’re not a piece of art.

Photography by Landon Drean.

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