Larry Underwood’s Clothe Line by Vaughn Stewart

Larry Underwood962974_188679031313796_928710089_n Larry Underwood972726_188678877980478_768586742_n Larry Underwood1081897_188680034647029_1862305962_n Larry Underwood1208570_188679434647089_2025287713_n Larry Underwood1241324_188679604647072_1384721098_n Larry Underwood1241732_188679914647041_145461331_n Larry Underwood1290028_188679737980392_928546103_n Larry Underwood1290033_188679231313776_524333798_nJoining American newcomers #sexy Sam Rivera and Shermon Braithwaite wear Larry Underwood’s latest fashion line which will also appear on the NY runway at New York’s Fashion Week on September 5th. Underwood will also release his 2014 lookbook on September 11th.

Photography done by Vaughn Stewart of www.vaughnstewartphotography.com

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