Special Interview with Laurence Hines
We will talk about this sexy boy, Laurence Hines who see very often in social networks, and who willingly accepts an exclusive interview for us. Check it out!
“Hello Laurence, it is a huge pleasure to have you here in our webzine, the last time we did this was this last summer, lots of fans and viewers watch your exclusive featuring and pictures by Karl Simone, please tell us how are you, we know you’ve been very busy, please tell us…”
LH: Things are really going well, I am so blessed. 2015 is going to be an exciting and busy year for me.


Special Interview with Laurence Hines
Alejandro Mendoza made me his muse for his Italian Romance series
FM: We want to know the big plans you have in your way?
LH: Well this year I am making it all about the fans (Friends) their love means so much to me and I will do anything for them. A lot of people message me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking for advice on diet and fitness, so I decided to make a YouTube channel where I will post my workout routine and answer any questions they may have. I will also be working on a calendar, which many fans have been requesting me to do for some time now.  I also have a book in the works featuring my work throughout the years and newer shoots that will take place in 2015. My fans are family to me, their words and love that they express to me daily truly give me life, and I will always be there for them any way that I can.
Special Interview with Laurence Hines
Alejandro Mendoza made me his muse for his Italian Romance series
BTW you look amazing with long hair—
LH: Thank you! I can’t take all of the credit on that one haha, I always thought about growing out my hair but wasn’t too sure about it. It was actually my gym partner that suggested I should go for it!  Kudos to my amazing barber Nik Shanklin.
Special Interview with Laurence Hines
Laurence by Karl Simone
FM: Its crazy how fans love you, even on your IG account you have pictures and more than 1k daily… did you imaging someday being famous, because you inspire a lot of people, you’re so cute and healthy and you have a lot of followers…
LH: Well I wouldn’t say I am famous but fame would be nice, I am a Leo to the core, so I have always craved a bit of fame. I can remember for career day in elementary school I came dressed up as a movie star, hahaha aviators and all. As for my followers I love them more than they ever know, I said it before and I will say it again without them there is no “Laurence Hines”.
Special Interview with Laurence Hines
Laurence by Portis Wasp
FM: The exposure you have been lately is amazing, even on Scottish pop blogger My Portis Wasp says
Is it because you have a lot of fans lately, how do they show your love to you?
LH: It’s all because of the fans without them there is no “Laurence Hines”. I thank God for them and I hope they know how much they all mean to me. If there was a word stronger than love to express my feelings for them I would use it, but there are no words to express the gratitude and love I have for them all.
Special Interview with Laurence Hines
Laurence by Rick Day
FM: Oh and you seem built up, lifting more weight?
LH: Thanks again! You all are making me feel good today! I have really cleaned up my diet and have been doing high intensity training. I will go more into detail about this on my YouTube channel starting sometime in early 2015.
FM: What are we expect in the new calendar, hot images? Back nude? Showing more abs??
LH: Well it will be a 2016 Calendar, so won’t come out until late 2015 but I promise you it will be worth the wait and I will surprise, but not let you down on the images. The book will most likely be out before the calendar and I promise you this, both will be epic. I want the viewer to get lost in the fantasy of fashion photography. It truly is an art that I have a great passion for.


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Special Interview with Laurence Hines
Artwork for Laurence Hines by Fashionably Male
 FM: Have you had some inconvenient with some of your fan, crazy letters, dirty messages?
LH: Hahaha! Yes I do get some interesting messages and request that I politely decline, but still the fact that they have love for me still means the world to me and I am thankful for that.
FM: Please write some words for all the people and visitors that adores you here in Fashionably Male

LH: Thank you all so much for your love and support. You all have helped me reach goals that I thought I would never be able to achieve. I promise you that I am here for you and will continue to be there for you no matter what the future brings.  And to show my love the next five people to subscribe to Fashionably Male will get something special from me to you! Much love and stay awesome!

Thanks Laurence for being so nice with us and we wish you a very Happy Holidays!

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