Lucas Alves by Igor Palhares

Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_01 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_02 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_03 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_04 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_05 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_06 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_07 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_08 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_09 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_10 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_11 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_12 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_13 Ensaio_LucasAlves_IgorPalhares_14

Brazilian beauty with killer eyes Lucas Alves is photographed by Igor Palhares, styling by Ana Lima, this shoot was taken before Lucas flight to Milan. Lucas is represented by Index.

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  1. […] he’s represented by INDEX Model Mgmt. You can see another featuring from Lucas in here. Thank you so so much Igor Palhares, Lucas’ […]

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