The Boys of Nevs by Leonardo Corredor

LeonardoCorredorNevs-01 LeonardoCorredorNevs-02 LeonardoCorredorNevs-03 LeonardoCorredorNevs-04 LeonardoCorredorNevs-05 LeonardoCorredorNevs-06 LeonardoCorredorNevs-07 LeonardoCorredorNevs-08 LeonardoCorredorNevs-09 LeonardoCorredorNevs-10 LeonardoCorredorNevs-11 LeonardoCorredorNevs-12 LeonardoCorredorNevs-13Photographer/model Leonardo Corredor captured some of the fresh faces at Nevs in London. The featured boys are Ollie, Jake, Mitch, Tom, Curt, Austin, Jeremy and Oliver.

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