Troye Sivan is not just another pretty-boy Pop Star

In Exclusive for Teen Vogue Vol. I 2017 Pop sensation Troye Sivan statement he’s not just another prett-boy Pop Star.

Photography by Ryan McGinley and styling in color spring garments by Tom Guinness the pop star looks adorable.

Last month Troye released a new single named HEAVEN ft. Betty Who, where this song literally explains the most prominent thoughts and worries during childhood. A huge success for Troye’s career, also because people shocked when first time watching it.

Troye’s make a huge impact on Teen Vogue and they quoted on Instagram, cover star is an out-and-proud musician whose mission is “to give the voice that I’ve been given to somebody who maybe wouldn’t have had that voice otherwise.” We teamed up with Troye to visit Ali Forney Center, a homeless housing program dedicated to LGBTQ youth, to learn about the incredible work they’re doing and how we can all get involved.

In Exclusive for Teen Vogue Vol. I 2017 Pop sensation Troye Sivan statement he's not just another prett-boy Pop Star.troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20173troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20174troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20175troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20176troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20177troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20178troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-20179troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-201710troye-sivan-for-teen-vogue-vol-1-201711

“We have always been here. we will always be here. this video is dedicated to all who’ve come before me and fought for our cause and those who now continue the fight. in dark and light times, let’s love forever. Love,” —Troye

The video splices together archive footage of the gay civil rights movement in a poignant (and timely) reminder that minority communities must unite to fight discrimination. These themes tie into the song’s lyrical journey of self-acceptance and, more specifically, the idea that Sivan’s sexuality rendered him a ‘sinner’ by default.

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