Fall in love with New York City & FU e=fu8 Underwear

A New York City luxury designer Underwear and Tee shirt brand knows it is in new territory when a new, fresh face, up & coming male models contacts you hoping to pose for your line.  In this case, our newest FU e=fu8 Underwear model is Isaac Yentes from the Midwest; who is destined to be the next big, big model here in The Big Apple. You heard about him here first. 

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The photo shoot happened today, & it turned out so well, the very talented photographer extraordinaire Vaughn Stewart rushed over these two finishing images for FU e=fu8 Underwear, and we are rushing them over to you for an exclusive first look. More breathtaking images to follow in the near future, so wait with bated breath…

In these photographs,  Isaac is wearing the white with blue trim FU Triathlon Trunk, and the red FU-SCO Bikini Cut.

To get Isaac’s flawless, young and super dewy complexion for the face and body, be sure to use Mean Boy Skin Care Line for Men.  Great skin is always in.

FU e=fu8 Underwear is made here in Manhattan.

Fall is here, which means back to school (high school, college) and time to update your wardrobe for cooler weather.  Guys should also update their underwear drawers with new underwear, as the pairs they have worn all summer have been around the block several times, sweated through & needs refreshing.  Recent orders from FU e=fu8 show that guys are ordering fall colors, gray, blue, black and red the most, & the various colors of FU e=fu8 Boxer-Briefs, , the FU-SCO Power Trunk, the FU Triathlon Trunk have been the most popular orders of recent.  Cooler weather calls for a little bit more coverage to keep your best physical assets nice, warm and toasty.

As Chris Cruz of Fashionablymale.net said in a recent post, wear nice underwear, even if only a few people get to see them.  You know what you are wearing.

FU e=fu8 is the new black, and the quintessential underwear for this fall & winter season.


Model: Isaac Yentes
Makeup artist/ hair stylist: FU & Vaughn Stewart
Photographer: Vaughn Stewart

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