Chris Salvatore by Gabriel Gastelum

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Talented Photographer Gabriel Gastelum captured the second part with beauty male model Chris Salvatore, Gastelum commented about it:

I’ve worked with [Chris Salvatore] a lot in the last couple of weeks. From lifestyle sessions to upcoming editorials with well known designers.

It’s been great getting to know someone like Chris in Los Angeles. He is genuinely down to earth and an incredibly talented guy.

We walked around and took a few portraits in my neighborhood.

I’ve said this countless of times, but will say it over and over again. I love photo sessions that don’t feel like we are working. Sometimes those turn into big stress cases. I try my absolute best to try to make the session less about work, but more about trying to capture the real you. We walk around, we chat, we take pictures… and we become friends.

Those are the best.

Thanks Chris!- Gabriel Gastelum

Congratulations to Gastelum-Salvatore duo, this is a beautiful session incredible talented guys working on.


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