Happy 10

je-special-0001 je-special-0002 je-special-0003 je-special-0004 je-special-0005 je-special-0006 je-special-0007 je-special-0008 je-special-0010 je-special-0011 je-special-0012 je-special-0013 je-special-0014Photographer Anthony Deeying helps San Francisco-based modeling agency JE Model celebrate their ten-year anniversary with a special story featuring their leading male models. Styled by Travis Alexander Walls (Artist Services), models Vladimir Ivanov, Noel Kirven-Dows, Michael Fortes and Bryce Jamison wear clothes from Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and other labels, putting their best foot forth in celebration. / Hair by Kien Hoang for Oribe Haircare at Umbrella Salon. Makeup by Janet Mariscal (Artists Services).

See also  Frederick Valentin by Ricky Cohete
  1. How do you say Happy Birthday?

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