How Did We Arrive?

Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_01 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_02 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_03 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_04 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_05 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_06 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_07 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_08 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_09 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_10 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_11 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_12 Ensaio_DaniloFriedl_phIsraelDenadai_13

Brazilian beauty Danilo Friedl [KEEMOD] starring “How Did We Arrive?” photographed by Israel Denadai.

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Reblogged this on dannyboi2 and commented:
    Something about a well dressed brazilian man, mercyme… He wouldn’t be dressed for very long.

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