Jhonny Marcondes By Photographer Arno Roca

Gorgeous Brazilian model, Jhonny Marcondes, at ‘VTM Agency’, teams up with photographer Arno Roca for this creative animal inspired series. N.B. All of the animals were not harmed during the shoot.Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-01 Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-02 Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-03 Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-04 Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-05 Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-06 Jhonny-Marcondes-by-Photographer-Arno-Roca-07

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