Sandro Rabello by Photographer Tatto Bellini

Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-01 Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-02 Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-03 Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-04 Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-05 Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-06 Sandro-Rabello-by-Photographer-Tatto-Bellini-07

Handsome fresh face, Sandro Rabello, at 40 Graus Models, stops by the studio of photographer Tatto Bellini for this sexy test shoot.

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