Lucas Alves by Kong Qing Feng

Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_01 Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_02 Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_03 Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_04 Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_05 Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_06 Ensaio_LucasAlves_phKongQingFeng_07Brazilian male model Lucas Alves represented by INDEX, photographed by Kong Qing Feng, with make&hair of Mi Fan and wardrobe by Zara.

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  1. His face is beautiful

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