Bruno Miranda for ‘JAM’ Underwear

Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-01 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-02 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-03 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-04 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-05 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-06 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-07 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-08 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-09 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-10 Bruno-Miranda-for-JAM-Underwear-11

The super sexy Bruno Miranda models the latest JAM Underwear collection, marvelously shot by Adrian C. Martin.

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  1. excellent model

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