Argentum pendant with pure silver nuggets by ESCULPTA

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Argentum pendant with pure silver nuggets by ESCULPTA

This piece features silver in the way it is rarely experienced by jewelers who purchase precious metals in pure form. The silver nuggets are unprocessed and these imperfect nuggets are exactly what silver looks like when the metal is purchased by workshops for use in jewelry-making.

The metal silver (Argentum in Roman, and also known as Argentum used still today by scientists and chemists) is a naturally occuring metal that has the highest electrical conductivity of any element found naturally on earth and the highest thermal conductivity of any other metal.

It is therefore not a surprise that apart from being considered a precious metal, it is also one that has been associated strongly with the retention of natural human energies which have been less explored or understood by science itself.

Size: The pendant measures an impressive 2 inches (5.2 cm) long, Thickness (0.44 inch) 1.1 cm

Chain: Military style chain (also from sterling silver) is included. The chain measures 65 cm and can be cut shorter to a perfect fit with a pair of nail clips or other tool.

Material: Solid sterling silver chain and pendant with plexiglass tube that contains nuggets of pure silver.

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