Bedroom Story

01-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 02-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 03-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 04-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 05-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 06-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 07-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 08-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 09-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg 10-Bedroom-Story-by-Boje-Ploeg

In an entire exclusive for FuckingYoung, Photographer Boje Ploeg connects with Brenn Diephuis represented by Max Models, Styling by Lars van Beers and Make-up & Hair by Ronny Elvers, entitled “Bedroom Story”.


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