Dutty Wruck by Photographer Michael Del Buono

Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-01 Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-02 Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-03 Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-04 Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-05 Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-06 Dutty-Wruck-by-Photographer-Michael-Del-Buono-07

Gorgeous Brazilian model, Dutty Wruck, at L’Equip Models, updates his portfolio with a striking new session by Michael Del Buono, wearing underwear from designer Emporio Armani.

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