Matthieu Riffi by Kris Schmitz

Matthieu Riffi1 Matthieu Riffi2 Matthieu Riffi3 Matthieu Riffi4 Matthieu Riffi5 Matthieu Riffi6 Matthieu Riffi7 Matthieu Riffi8 Matthieu Riffi9 Matthieu Riffi10 Matthieu Riffi11 Matthieu Riffi12 Matthieu Riffi13 Matthieu Riffi14

Le garçon parisien avec un beau corps et des yeux qui fera fondre lorsque vous regardez droit dans le vôtre.Il est Matthieu Riffi…

Lately this week I’ve chatting with Parisina beauty male model Matthieu Riffi, he kindly shared his latest work with Photographer Kris Schmitz, so this weekend I’m going to introduce you a lit bit more about his model career. This guy is awesome, besides his ‘beau corps’ which melt anyones.

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