Greek God | Angelos Siannis by Costas Avgoulis

Angelos Siannis1 Angelos Siannis2 Angelos Siannis3 Angelos Siannis4 Angelos Siannis5 Angelos Siannis6“”Greek God””Angelos Siannis by Costas Avgoulis

Starred by Greek Adonis Angelos Siannis based in Athenas.

Costas Avgoulis was born in Athens, Greece.

He studied at the Architecture School, but soon changed over to the School of Fine Arts.

As a painter he participated in several art fares all over the world (Miami, Brussels etc.). A lot of his paintings belong to private collections.

As photography has always been his passion, he has devoted the past six years to fashion photography.

His work appears regularly in Vogue Hellas, Elle, German Elle, Marie Claire etc.


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