PURE A Photography by Balthier Corfi

Balthier Corfi0 Balthier Corfi1 Balthier Corfi2 Balthier Corfi3 Balthier Corfi4 Balthier Corfi6 Balthier Corfi7 Balthier Corfi8 Balthier Corfi9 Balthier Corfi10

Fashion Photography is like a dance: the model nees to be conscious of the position of his partner, the photographer, in order to create chemistry and magic in a still image that will last forever. Both individuals need to create a connection, exploring into each other’s thoughts and feelings to understand what both are looking for… because, at the end, this is like love, a brief moment between two different entities that collide to create a spark… These 10 new faces were photographed in the most intimate enviroment possible, only two characters on the stage: model and photographer.

Photography and Art Direction:

Balthier Corfi


Evan Zitchick @TWO Management

Chris Treu

Matt Rodriguez @Colby Models

Mark Mandia @Colby Models

Alexander Yastremskiy @Colby Models

Dustin Davis-Cooper @Colby Models

Brad  Baldwin @RED NYC

Iram Murra  @Colby Models

Mark Casi @IMG New York

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