Yearbook of Ryan McGinley

Yearbook is a documentation of youth culture captured by the lens of photographer Ryan McGinley, featuring naked models being young, wild and free.

Hypebeast considered like:  Youth, liberation and the joy of losing yourself in the moment are elements that feature throughout Ryan McGinley’s work; from his early roots in documenting the urban adventures of his downtown Manhattan friends to his subsequent cross-country travels in utopian environments throughout America, to his most recent studio portraits. Recently the photographer sat down with The Talks, a weekly online magazine, to discuss the obsession that goes into the world of photography. Choice excerpts are available below, while the entire interview can be read in full here.

  1. […] McGinley that Vice Magazine wrote about him, we’ve posted about him for the art project of Yearbook and some snaps of his work. But focusing on his speech for Parsons Graduation this post is about of […]

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