Silas Albuquerque2 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2460 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2470 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2475 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2485 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2489 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2525 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2537 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2554 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2556 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2559 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2560 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2564 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2595 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2597 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2603 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2609 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2636 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2643 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2650 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2651 Silas AlbuquerqueIMG_2655

Third version of entitled story  “GYM” starred by Brazilian Hunk Silas Albuquerque (represented by 40 Graus Model) photographed by Guga Ribeiro with a exquisite and sensitive clever eye  to captured Silas. Design and Production of Petrone. Costumes from the collection from Petrone.

See also  Rockwell Harwood by Hugh Lippe

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