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BEAUTIFUL SOUL | Hugh Sheridan by Jake Weisz

Hugh Sheridan1 Hugh Sheridan2 Hugh Sheridan3 Hugh Sheridan4 Hugh Sheridan5 Hugh Sheridan6 Hugh Sheridan7 Hugh Sheridan8

Jake Weisz is a Sydney based Australian, emerging photographer, and film director with an affinity for the wild and whimsical.
His wondrous style captivates admirers by acquainting them with stories of the marvelous and the majestic. Introducing a brilliant true artist from Sydney, as we appreciate on his official web page, has an incredible portfolio demanded nowadays. In this example, we attached newcomer Aussie actor named Hugh Sheridan taken by Jake Weisz. As we clearly see these images are natural, approaching sun rays, well directed, capturing a sunset view including the male physique from Hugh. Congratulated to Jake an his crew to making art capturing with his camera his own point of view.

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