Eric Rutherford by Wadley Photography for Mr. Turk

Eric Rutherford1 Eric Rutherford2 Eric Rutherford3 Eric Rutherford4 Eric Rutherford5 Eric Rutherford6 Eric Rutherford7 Eric Rutherford8 Eric Rutherford9

Extracted from Mr Turk Facebook Page

Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Eric Rutherford, event planner extraordinaire from The Hollywood Reporter. Eric loves Hollywood, Movies, People, and Parties so he has the perfect job. He knows that when it comes to planning an event or getting dressed it’s the details that can make or break you.

It’s Award Season in Hollywood so Eric has his hands full, planning and attending award shows and the events surrounding them. I was particularly thrilled to see Eric (@mrrutherford9) pop up on Instagram in #mrturk at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Wadley (@wadleywadley) took some terrific portraits of Mr Rutherford in Mr Turk Spring 2014. Here’s a peek. To see more shots of Eric go to mrturk.tumblr.com


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